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Please, May I have Some More?
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High Sex Drive Individuals and those who love us
This is a community for those who have high sex drives, and those who love us :-) A high sex drive is self defined, and completely relative. If you think you have a high sex drive, you are welcome to join. If your partner has a high sex drive, and you want to learn how to cope, you are welcome to join.

This is not a pick up joint, trolling is not allowed.

This is a sex positive community. Sex positive means that we believe that sex is good, fun, and healthy. We discourage cheating in any form. Talking with your partner is always the best option for any discussion, but we are happy to add our opinionated viewpoints.

Membership is open to anyone with a working LiveJournal. Have at least a couple of public entries, so we can get to know at least a small part of you :-)

Please cut anything not safe for work (NSFW) behind a cut tag. :-)